Part IV

Professional Assessment Examinations

  1. Requirements for Professional Assessment Examination.
    (1) An applicant seeking to be registered as a professional architect shall first apply to the Council to sit for a professional assessment examination. (2) An application to sit for a professional assessment examination shall be made in the prescribed form and shall be accompanied by – (a)  proof of academic qualifications of the applicant; (b) proof that the applicant has worked under the supervision of a professional for a period of at least three (3) years after obtaining academic qualifications; and (c)  proof of payment of the application fee prescribed in the respective Schedule. (3) The proof required in sub-regulation (2) (b) shall be in the form of a declaration signed by the supervisor of the applicant stating the field and duration of the training of the applicant as well as the qualifications and experience of the supervisor. (4) The declaration shall also state if the applicant worked continuously during the period in question and if there was an interruption, it shall state the duration of such interruption and the reason for that interruption. (5) The supervisor shall, in the declaration, also express an opinion whether or not the applicant has had sufficient training and experience to be registered as a professional. (6) Upon receipt of the application with all the supporting documents, the Council shall evaluate the application and decide if the applicant has had enough training and experience to sit for a professional assessment examination. If satisfied with the training and experience of the applicant, the Council shall advise applicant of the date and time for the examination. (8) Before sitting for the examination an applicant shall first pay the examination fee prescribed in the Schedule of fess. (9) The Council shall prescribe examination rules which shall be adhered to in all examinations.
  2. Nature and conduct of examination.
    (1) The professional assessment examination that an applicant has to pass in order to be entitled to be registered as a professional architect, engineer, surveyor,  allied professional or technician shall consist of – (a) a professional interview conducted by not less than two (2) examiners appointed by the Council, who shall be registered professionals of not less than ten (10) years experience; (b) a written examination set by the examiners on any relevant subject related to the practical experience which the applicant has obtained; (c) a written examination on the understanding of the Code of Professional Conduct by the applicant ; and (d) any other examination, written or otherwise, to be determined by Council. (2) A professional assessment examination shall be held twice a year provided there are applications to for such examination.

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