Part VI

Code of Professional Conduct

  1. Conduct of registered architect, engineer, quantity surveyor and allied professional.
    A registered professional shall at all times uphold the dignity, high standing and reputation of their profession.
  2. Responsibility to Employer, Client or Profession.
    A registered professional in their responsibility to the employer, client or the profession shall have full regard to the public interest.
  3. Discharge of duties.
    (1) A registered professional shall discharge the duties to their employer or client as the case may be with complete fidelity. (2) A registered professional shall not accept any remuneration in respect of professional services rendered other than from the employer except with the permission of that employer.
  4. Registered Professional not to Practice with any Person whose Registration has been Cancelled.
    A registered professional in a consultancy Practice shall not practice with any person whose registration has been cancelled for any reason.
  5. Prohibition of Canvasing and Advertising
    A registered professional shall not Canvass or Solicit Professional Employment; Offer Commission or any other Payment for the Introduction of Professional Employment;  Advertise in any manner or form in connection with their Profession except as Permitted by the Council;
  6. Restrictions on Making Payments or placing contract.
    A registered professional in a consultancy practice shall not be a medium of payment made on behalf of the client unless the professional is so requested by the client nor shall a professional, in connection with work on which the professional is employed, place contracts or orders except with the authority of and on behalf of the client.
  7. A Registered Professional not to Intervene or Take Over the Work of Another.
    A registered professional shall not directly or indirectly Рsupplant or attempt to supplant another registered professional;intervene or attempt to intervene in or in connection with work of any kind which to the  knowledge of the professional has already been entrusted to another registered professional; or take over any work of that other registered professional acting for the same client unless the professional has Рobtained the consent of that other registered professional; or been formally notified by the client that the services of that other registered professional have been terminated in accordance with the provisions of any contract for professional services entered into between that other registered professional and the client, provided that in the case of dispute over non-payment of fees or quantum of any outstanding fees under the contract, the client may request the Council to intervene.
  8. Disclosure of interest.
    A registered professional while acting in a professional capacity shall disclose in writing to the client if that professional is a director or member of or substantial shareholder in or agent for any contracting or manufacturing company or firm or business or has any financial interest in any such company or firm or business, with which the professional deals on behalf of the client.
  9. Register of professional misconduct.
    (1) The Council shall keep and maintain a register for recording defaults of professional misconduct committed by a registered person.(2) The Council shall have power to take any action including suspension or deletion from any register a registered person, where there is re-occurrence of defaults on professional misconduct. (3) The Council shall establish a default point system as a mechanism for proper regulation of registered persons.

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